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DEAR READERS, I'M BACK!!!! 1. Yes, I'm already in New York. 2. Subway Station Pose. 3. In the Streets of New York. 4...

1. Yes, I'm already in New York.
2. Subway Station Pose.
3. In the Streets of New York.
4. Well, i love this fire extinguisher, probably because it has USA flag on it.
Actually this is the  first thing i noticed before i entered my house. It's just right outside my house.(A great prop for sessions)
5. When you see a classic honda,  you never leave without taking a picture with it. (it's Mandatory)
6. Tall buildings, bright lights, Streets of Manhattan.
7. This is not from New York. It's in France. I loved the color, design of the door  so much, that i had to keep it.
8. Zebra Crossing with my first Isabel Marant.
9. Wearing- Zara T- Shirt | Uniqlo Boyfriend Jeans | Boots- DS | Hat- ZARA | Bag- Vintage
10. This is how UB celebrate family weekend/ Carnival.
11. Skateboarding around Astoria Park (  i think, it was my 3rd day in NY)
12. I found my soulmate in NY. He is so nice and cute.
13. In Niagara Falls(In the background), peace sign all the way.
14. Wearing- Mom's cardigan | Blouse- HM | Pants- HM | Shoes- Birkenstock
15. Put your hands up high to touch the sky :D University Hallway.
16. My Birthday Balloon in the corner.
17. City In The World.
18. I actually thought, i was going to miss Nepal's sky and surrounding but no. The night skies in buffalo is breathtaking, so beautiful. I, sometimes, gaze at it.
19. I was supposed to be a Ballet Dancer, but turned out to be part time blogger, full time student.
20. The only thing i love about NY is the STREETS,( it's never ending and there is so many amazing things in every street).
21. With dad on my Birthday. <3
22. University At Buffalo.
23. During Labor's Day, went back to New York.
Wearing- Top- HM | Sweater- HM | Tights- Zara | Bag- Jimmy Choo | Shades- RayBan | Hat- Zara.
24. World's LArgest MACY'S Store in NY. & i had to take a picture, Obviously.
Wearing- Top- HM | Shorts- NEPAL :) | Outerwear- ZARA | Shoes- Birkenstock | Shades- RayBan.

Im sorry, to my readers. I have bee lost from my blog for very long time and i apologize. And, i also know, some of my readers are waiting for my post. Thank you so much for your love and support. I really do miss Nepal and i hope everything is going good there.

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